Increasingly, families are having difficulty with the rising cost of medical care. Premiums have risen for employers and employees, and out of pocket and deductible costs are high. The higher costs lead to reduced access, frustration, and lack of proper care.


Driving down the cost of care is of critical importance for families and businesses in District 21.


In 2018, Mike’s priority bill LB1117 expanded the use of direct primary care, an innovative approach to health care reform that finds new ways to provide access to a primary care physician and a variety of tests and medicines at a predictable and low cost. The early evidence reflects that direct primary care is a win-win-win-win for the community: the costs are low and predictable, the lower cost increases access to care, the increased access to care leads to early identification and treatment of health issues (helping further lower costs of care by avoiding later, expensive treatments), lowers cost for the employers, and increases satisfaction for the physicians.