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Letter, 5/8: Support for Hilgers

I first met Mike Hilgers when he knocked on my door five years ago. He was running for State Legislature in District 21. Ours was one of the first doors he knocked on. We talked for a few minutes, he gave me some literature and said I could call or email him any time.

So I did. I sent an email asking his position on some issue and the strangest thing happened. He invited me to lunch to talk about it.Since then, we have kept in touch. We've gone to their kids birthday parties and they've come to ours. We see them at the Fallbrook farmers market and have hung out on the Fourth of July. They are our neighbors, even though our neighborhoods are different. Now we have another similarity. My wife and I have had boy/girl twins for five years and they'll have boy/girl twins in four months!

Mike and I don't agree on everything but we agree on a lot. I talked to him this morning and asked how he would have voted on LB1106, the civil forfeiture bill ("Plenty to like from civil forfeiture reform," April 17). He said it was long overdue. We agree that smaller government is better and high taxes in Nebraska are a problem. When we don't agree, he doesn't tell me what I want to hear; he listens and we talk about it.

I've seen Mike work on his campaigns, I've seen his business in Lincoln grow, and soon he is going to have four kids! We have four kids. It's a lot of work but Mike and Heather are some of the hardest working people I know so I'm not worried.

So, on May 10th, we are voting for Mike Hilgers. I hope you do too.

Craig Kohtz, Lincoln

Friends of Mike Hilgers
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