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Letter, 11/3: Hilgers Excellent Choice

I graduated from UNL’s law school in 2013. I met Mike Hilgers shortly after passing the bar exam. He managed a small law firm in Lincoln and offered me part-time work until I landed somewhere. I’ve watched his firm expand due to his leadership and work ethic, both of which I’m confident will carry over into the Legislature.

As a business owner, Mike intimately understands that excessive taxes and complex regulatory schemes are burdensome for business owners, impeding job creation and economic growth. I work with Nebraska-based high-tech startups, and I believe Mike possesses the vision and understanding of high-growth startups that will keep Nebraska competitive, both nationally and internationally.

I generally agree with Mike’s political views, but I’m more impressed by the way he lives. He’s a man of character. I’ve seen him on bended knee at church multiple times. He’s built a beautiful family with his wife and three daughters. They radiate joy into our world that so often lacks hope. Mike is intelligent, driven and has the character necessary to ensure Nebraska remains the best place to live in the United States. Mike would be an excellent choice for the voters of Legislative District 21.

Brock A. Smith, Lincoln

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