Transportation Innovation

Mike has a proven track record of building consensus to pass significant transportation legislation.


Mike has served for the last three years on the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, where he has worked to draft and pass bills that will transform our state’s roads infrastructure.

Lower Taxes

Nebraskans’ taxes are too high. From property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, cell phone fees, and others—we send too much money to the government.


Mike has spent his first three years in the Legislature focusing on ways to reduce the tax burden.

Strong Economy

Mike built his own business from the ground up and understands the critical role small businesses have in our community. He has worked to cut red tape and decrease burdensome or needless regulation, introduced legislation to cut taxes for individuals who are starting businesses, and helped support our local businesses.

Affordable Healthcare

Increasingly, families are having difficulty with the rising cost of medical care. Premiums have risen for employers and employees, and out of pocket and deductible costs are high. The higher costs lead to reduced access, frustration, and lack of proper care.