Nebraskans’ taxes are too high. From property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, cell phone fees, and others—we send too much money to the government.


Mike has spent his first three years in the Legislature focusing on ways to reduce the tax burden. Among other initiatives, Mike:


  • Introduced LB615, a bill to reduce Nebraskans’ income and property taxes;


  • Supported a $100 million increase in direct property tax relief for the 2019-2020 budget (bringing the total to $500 million in relief over the biennium);


  • Co-sponsored LB550, which would have reduced the taxes charged for wireless cell phone services;


  • Co-sponsored LB103, which protects local property taxpayers by ensuring political subdivisions do not receive a valuation windfall without a vote;


  • Co-sponsored LB736, which reduces taxes on our seniors.

  • In 2020, Mike introduced legislation directly targeted to help working families, including an elimination of income taxes for overtime work and lowering the income tax rate for middle class families.