Mike has a proven track record of building consensus to pass significant transportation legislation.


Mike has served for the last three years on the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, where he has worked to draft and pass bills that will transform our state’s roads infrastructure.


Among the highlights of bills Mike introduced and were passed:


  • LB616, which will help speed up construction of the South Beltway from 8 years to 3 years, make Lincoln’s roadway system more efficient, faster and safer, and save approximately $7 million in costs to taxpayers;


  • LB271, which eliminates red tape in the highway construction process, getting projects completed faster and saving significant money. When LB271 was passed, it was estimated to save Nebraska taxpayers $19 million/year in construction costs, and shave a year or more off the time-to-completion for major highway construction projects such as Lincoln’s proposed East Beltway;


  • LB583, which innovates the way counties complete highway projects by adopting a design-build process, saving time and money; and


  • LB117, which eliminates red tape for private companies bidding on construction projects with the Department of Transportation, saving time and money.


These bills were passed with broad consensus—none of these four bills had a single “no” vote in opposition.